1.   Constant efforts undertaken to achieve professional development by updating Knowledge in their subject. 

2.    Cooperating in a healthy manner with fellow colleagues and other stakeholders by constructive collaboration and effective communication. 

3.    Abide by the Act , statute and ordinance of the University and to respect its ideals , vision ,mission , cultural practices and tradition. 

4.    Fully cooperate in conduct of University and college academics as well as extra curricular activities including examinations , supervision , invigilation , evaluation and actively participating in organizing extension ,co-curricular and extra curricular activities. 

5.    Take pride in teaching profession and to render full cooperation, respect and dignity to other members of the profession

6.    Abstain from making objectionable statements about colleagues, higher authorities especially in the presence of students , other teachers or parents.  

7.    Be regular and punctual and meet classes regularly as per the scheduled time table. 

8.    Take prior permission of the Principal before leaving the campus in the college hours.  

9.    Render Proctorial duties regularly in order to maintain strict discipline in the campus.  

10. All communications related to professional works to be communicated through proper channel by giving all necessary information in the office and seeking to prior approval of the chair before proceeding such communication

11. Facilitate students in developing career related skills, emotional and psychological Intelligence as well as laying strong foundation in character building. 

12. Inculcate in students a sense of responsibility, self reliance, mutual respect, appreciation for personal and public property and stimulate the spirit of enquiry in students.

13. Make responsible efforts to protect students from conditions harmful to their health and safety.

14. Encourage the involvement of studies in social service activities and inspire them to respect cultural diversity of our nation.  

15. Discuss and debate on the controversial topics/issues from an objective view point in order to foster in environment for free expression of opinion and at the same time learning the spirit of enquiry and research. 

16. Not divulge in any confidential information relating to the affairs of the college to any person not authorized in respect thereof. 

17. Refrain from raising questions of caste, greed, religion, race, sex, region for language in his relationship with his colleagues and using the above consideration for improvement of his prospects.  

18.Refrain from exploiting official facilities and staff for personal, political or religious ends and misuse of privileges.  

19.Strictly abstain from giving any private coaching/classes directly or indirectly.

20. Carry out the work related to assessment & evaluation with utmost impartiality. 

21.The teacher shall not enrol herself/himself for any course of study/appear in the examination of University or other bodies without the prior permission of the competent authority.  

21. Duty leave will be granted if performing duties of the University/College/Government as per guidelines and prior permission is required from availing casual leave(CL),Duty leave (DL)or earned leave(EL).  

22. Attend FDPs, Refresher/Orientation courses to enhance their knowledge relevant in their fields as per the requirement of career advancement with due permission and sanction of the competent authority. 

23. Set a wonderful example for the students by their behavior, commitment for excellence in work and professional achievements

Code of conduct for non-teaching staff

Every staff employed in the college shall discharge his/her duties efficiently and diligently conforming to the rules and regulation already prescribed.

1.     No staff employed in the college shall be absent from duty without prior permission. In case of sickness or absence on medical ground, a medical certificate to the satisfaction of the college authorities need to be submitted.

2.     No staff employed in the college shall engage in any political activity or get associated with any political party or subscribe to/assist in any other manner to any political movement.

3.     No staff employed in a college shall contest/participate/canvass for any candidate in any election.   

4.     No staff employed in the college shall include in any criticism of the policies of the government directly or indirectly or participate in activities which bring disrepute to the government.

5.     No staff shall leave the campus during college hours without giving prior information to the admin head / principal.

6.     The non teaching staff should not an any account , undertake any other job within the ascribed office hours . Neither shall he/she engage himself in any trade or business within college premises.

7.     They should not engage in remarks or behavior that might be considered disrespectful to their non-teaching colleagues, teaching staff, student, Principal guests, parents etc. that might tarnish the overall image of the institution.

8.     No non teaching staff should be under the influence of drugs/alcohol during offices hours.

9.     The non teaching staff shall always respect the confidentiality of the information in the office records at their disposal.

10.  They shall not indulge in any kind of discriminatory activity based on gender, caste or religion.

11.  The shall not undertake any falsification or tampering with official records entrusted to them.

12.  It is expected that they behave in a helpful, cooperative and cordial manner towards the students/staff and other authorities.

13.  Any matter of dispute/discontent should be settled in a harmonious and amicable in order to uphold good will and honor of the institution.